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Fat Old Yeti

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06 Feb 2022

My Absence

An Apology for my prolonged absence

I started this blog at the request of a friend who was a fellow lover of Roguelikes. We were disussing languages and I mentioned that I was having some fun writing games in Go. He requested this blog from me as both a learning exercise for him, and as a way to get me back into game programming.

I was having quite a lot of fun doing this, but almost one year ago, on Feb 15th, my friend David passed away from COVID-19 complications. To say the least, just thinking of continuing broke my heart. I just couldn’t face going forward on this project any longer.

It has been a year. Time heals wounds they say. I’m going to finish this set of tutorials for building Roguelikes in Go and will then continue with other game types. I feel I can now do it and enjoy it once again.

I am sorry for those of you who were following along when it just halted. I can only ask for your understanding.