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05 Feb 2021

Roguelike Tutorial Part 0

Roguelike in Go - Introduction

Over the course of the next couple weeks, I’ll be building a roguelike in Go, following (roughly) the steps outlined here. I will take this from setup, adding to the code each step of the way and explaining what and why I’m doing what I am. Periodically we will stop to refactor our code into something better, and when we finish, you should have the start of your own roguelike game, along with the knowledge to change any part of it that you like.

We will use the Ebiten engine for our rendering, and a simple Entity Component System to make our application data driven and allow for much greater flexibility later on.

I will periodically give side tutorials on subjects such at Entity Component Systems and why we use them so as to keep the tutorial focused.

Each step of the tutorial will be accompanied by a tagged set of code to match it, so you can download it and compare to what you have.

If you have questions, feel free to email me at fatoldyeti@gmail.com or hit me up on the gopher slack (where I’m @idiotcoder).